Positive Input Ventilation Systems
dri eco hc positive ventilation system

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Have you got problems with dampmess and condensation in your home? Well the problem is more common than you think, particulary in older homes. As winter sets in and the temperatures starts to drop the problem becomes more apparant with condensation on widows and walls leading to damp and mould, which causes a whole host of other problems in your home or business.
K-Stone Ireland have the accredited solution for you, a PIV or Positive Input Ventilation system where fresh air is introuduced into the property at a consistant rate, thus negating the condidtions for damp and condensation to occur.

why do i need a pIV?


Excess moisture is produced by everyday activities such as washing, bathing, cooking and drying clothes. Condensed water provides the ideal conditions for mould spores to germinate and grow which will damage your walls, furniture and clothes contributing to health problems.

Having a DRI-ECO-HC Positive Input Ventilation System in your home prevents condinsation by keeping moisture levels low. When used correctly it will protect your home from mould / damp and will improve the air quality indoors thus creating a healthier living environment.

Research has shown that preventing moisture in a home can reduce allergic reactions to dust mites and other pollutants that affect those suffering from respiratory disorders.

Once set up and installed, there is nothing that needs to be done by you.
Every 5 years the filters must be changed, thats it.
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Condensation & Mould

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Condensation Say Goodbye To Damp

Condensation is a problem in poorly ventilated buildings, say goodby to condensation on your windows and walls with our accredited PIV system, installed by our qualified technicians all over Ireland. Designed to be retro-fitted into new and existing buildings.

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Mould & Damp We Got You Protected

Black Mould thrives in poorly ventilated buildings as condensation gives it the best environment to grow. We guarantee that our PIV system will prevent all black and mould spots / spores from your building in time. Existing mould will die/dry up and can be cleaned.

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Healthier Home No More Allergens

If you suffer from allergies, or have ashtma or similar lung problems, Our PIV system is ideal for your home to create a healthier clean air living environment. Without the damp conditions, mould spores and allergens cannot live or thrive with our PIV system installed.